This Years Christmas cards fresh off the printer


Helmetgirl Christmas cards

Every year at Christmas I make some christmas cards to send to family and friends near and far, its a nice little tradition for me, but a tradition that always get left to the last minute and most years I send them off not quite sure if they will actually make it on time.

This year I decided to get them printed- They are still home-made, well the graphics are at least :) I have been using an online printing service at work called and because of the reasonable prices, good quality, and super easy uploading process I have been itching to get stuff done for my self.

And I am very happy with the result! (hope the people they are intended for will agree)

The backside has a little graphic too- and a christmas message in danish and english.

Peace and Love christmas card

The card illustrations are based on that rather non-sensical (and slightly annoying) christmas song, the 12 days of Christmas. I was a bit tired of Santas and reindeer and the usual seasonal symbolics and rather fancied doing something a bit silly.

Christmas cards in their box


Happy Holidays :)


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