Sketchbook Roundup

My New Sketchbook

Before Christmas I received this lovely leather-bound sketchbook from my friend Jose in London, and that have now been taken into use- so it is time for a tidy-up and a dust off of the old sketchbook before it gets put on the shelf with the other old doodles.

I am sad because I am evil


this one is pretty old- a sketch for the story Luna Boon written by multi-artist Candelaria Saenz Valiente

Phillippa Skeleton Pile sketch

This is a sketch for the 700 Molemen project. This one is Phillippa Skeleton Pile- Skull Keeper

Random Sketches

Random sketches; Nip-tuck-Lady, Statue being haunted, and a lady from the bus

Sketches for a theatre Painting

A sketch for a Painting I am still working on

Random Sketches

More Random stuff; The Piano has been drinking; the Cat Behemoth for a Master and Margarita Illustration; and a Rabbit/chicken creature for a painting

Sketches for Bikeshed painting in the Mucky Pup in Islington

Another oldie; ideas and sketches for a painting I did for the Mucky Pup bar in Islington, London

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