The Kray Twins

Illustration Kray Twins gangsters east london

This month there’s a new film about the 60’s East London Gangsters The Krays coming out. Im quite looking forward to watch it as it is an interesting story and an interesting time in London’s history.     Reading about the film reminded me of an Illustration I did of the Kray Twins a little while ago. The topic was London myths and stories and I chose the Krays as they seemed to fit that description perfectly; It is a real story but they have already become myths. They were both... Read The Rest →

Blues single cover design

Kærleiksblus single cover design

Recently the musician Terji asked me to design a single cover for a new tune. Terji is a Blues musician with a twist! In his own words: “It’s not Chicago blues. It’s not Texas blues. It isn’t Piedmont blues, and it sure isn’t country blues either! It’s North Atlantic Sea Blues!” Terji have come together with fellow musician Jógvan Funding Madsen and multi artist Dennis Agerblad, all of them originally from the Faroe Islands, to make this blues single all about saying yes to Love and registered partnership. “ The Faroese... Read The Rest →

Interactive textbook for Children

IPad Music textbook

Designing in iBooks Author. Over the last year I have been working on an interactive textbook for iPad; Anna’s Animal Music. The book is teaching children all about classical music by examining 8 pieces of classical music based on animals, and telling the story about the piece, the composer and the animal related to the piece. This was a bit of a mammoth project for me, but a very fun one at that, as I got to use both my design and illustration skills and to mix it all up... Read The Rest →

This Years Christmas cards fresh off the printer

Christmas cards in their box

  Every year at Christmas I make some christmas cards to send to family and friends near and far, its a nice little tradition for me, but a tradition that always get left to the last minute and most years I send them off not quite sure if they will actually make it on time. This year I decided to get them printed- They are still home-made, well the graphics are at least I have been using an online printing service at work called and because of the reasonable... Read The Rest →

Bonjour from Paris

Pigs Feet dish in france

Recently I went to Paris for the first time and I did as you are supposed to: fell in love! It is such a beautiful city. To me now, Paris is art, elegant ladies, red lips, impressive buildings, beautiful views. And Food, Food, Food and Wine!! We did all the touristy stuff, but the best thing was all the lovely food and wine we managed to consume over a long weekend.   Josh even tried the specialty that is Pig’s feet. I am happy to say I skipped that one.... Read The Rest →

Don’t Panic poster competition

Spirit poster

This is my entry to the Don’t Panic poster competition. The theme is “Spirit”. The top ten most voted designs get to go in the final and I would love to be in that final! So please help me do that by going here and click the like button on my entry. Thank you Don’t Panic is a free UK publication that every month feature an A2 poster, sometimes designed by a famous artist and sometimes like this by a new upcoming artist. My entry was inspired by the definition... Read The Rest →

Christmas Card for the Holler Gram app

iPad screenshot of app

For Christmas the nice people over at Made by Many decided to make a seasonal update to their free app Holler Gram. Designers and illustrators were invited to contribute to this app, and my Reindeer card made the cut alongside a nice selection of very talented illustrators and designers. Holler Gram turns your iPad into a physical messaging platform – a glowing sign – that you can load with a message and it also allows you to tweet your message with a hashtag from right within the app. The season... Read The Rest →

Art quote wallpaper on design milk

Wallpaper with picasso quote

  The art and design magazine Design Milk feature a free wallpaper every month always based on a design or art related quote. This month I was very happy to be the featured artist. I chose to illustrate a quote by Picasso that I think rings very true: ” Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” The wallpaper is free to download, there are four desktop sizes and it is also available for iPad and iPhone. Check out design milk and download the desktop here  

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