Don’t Panic poster competition

This is my entry to the Don’t Panic poster competition. The theme is “Spirit”.

The top ten most voted designs get to go in the final and I would love to be in that final! So please help me do that by going here and click the like button on my entry. Thank you :)

Spirit poster

Don’t Panic is a free UK publication that every month feature an A2 poster, sometimes designed by a famous artist and sometimes like this by a new upcoming artist.

My entry was inspired by the definition of a spirit: A part regarded as a person’s true self and as capable of surviving physical death or separation. I also used some of my recent travel experiences in the design, the skull is a theme that I have seen used a lot in the mexican art and the butterflies is believed in some latin cultures to be the souls of the dead.

Check out all the design entries here on Don’t Panic.

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