Designer and Illustrator websites for inspiration

I am once again in the process of redesigning my own website so I have been going through my bookmarks folder of “Nice Sites” for some inspiration and thought I’d share some of my favourite Designer and Illustrator sites with you.

Amazee Labs

A web design and development agency from Switzerland. The textures and graphic illustrations lends the site a touch of fun and friendliness. And, I love their logo!

Screenshot of the Amazee Labs website

All for Design

AFD is the website of french web designer Aurélien Foutoyet.

A lot of websites will try and cram everything into a page- but I love sites like AFD that allows room for space, attention to the typography and small details. The paper texture and pressed fonts gives this site a nice warm “touchable” feel to it.

Screen shot of the All for design website

Shyama Golden

The website of Artist/designer Shyama Golden does exactly what you would want it to; it shows off her work, its right there on the homepage.

And I like the simple idea of activating the headline of the page- so the word “Art” “Design” and her name will take you to relevant pages.

Screenshot of Shyama Golden website

Mutt Ink

Mutt Ink is the Creative studio of designer/Illustrator Jeremy Holmes. The site has a good balance of finished details and a textured look- without being over the top.

I like that the site has the same touch and feel as his work in the portfolio.

Screenshot of Mutt Ink website

Ryan Scherf

Web designer and developer from Minneapolis.

This is a sliding site and to be honest it has been featured in a lot of lists I have seen already, but I think it is a beautiful site, the use of colour and typography makes it stand out. And the fact that he has allowed a lot of space to be filled by the header illustration, accompanied by a simple logo and an icon based navigation. The simplicity makes me want to find out more. Nice.

Screenshot of website of Ryan Scherf

Jessica Hische

This is actually an old version of the Jessica Hische site. Although the new design is both nice and functional, I love the simplicity in her old site (which is still live by the way, click the image or the link below).

The design is clean, the details are lovely and the site does what it should: Showcases her work!

Screenshot of Jessica Hische Website

Also- Check out her typographical work and hand drawn lettering. Quality work!

Daniel Gutiérrez

A graphic designer from Santiago de Chile. This site is using a lot of dark colours, but still comes off friendly and warm.

I like the clarity of the design, it’s easy to navigate. The icon based navigation and the graphics on the home page are sweet.

Screenshot of Daniel Gutierrez website

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