Interview by the Artful’s

The Artfuls website logo

Tweet The Artfuls is a very cool little site – well not so little anymore- featuring various illustrators and illustrations. They interview artists and illustrators and feature free downloadable wallpapers of all these cool illustrators. You can read my interview and see some of my work  here   Thank you again to Tony from the Artful’s for having me!  

The Irrepressibles illustrations

Flute player illustration

Tweet Earlier this week Andrew Lockwood from Amelias Magazine (A daily online magazine focusing on art, music, fashion and earth ) went and met with Jamie McDermot, frontman from the band The Irrepressibles to ask him about his life, his music and the extravagant performance art-style the band is known for. A long time admirer of this band I was quite exited to do the illustrations to accompany Andrew’s interview with Jamie. Read the interview and see all of my The Irrepressibles Illustrations here

welcome and css superheros

html ass kicker and css superhero

Tweet I finally have my own blog- this will be a place for me to share sketches, new ideas, work and general news, and hopeful also a place for feedback from fellow illustrators, designers, and friends. This blog is a wordpress blog, so thank you to the nice people that create wp and makes it available for untechy people like me. And a big thank you to the talented Natalia Pavlova for the help with making it look the way I wanted and lots of tips and advice along the... Read The Rest →

Wedding greeting card

Flemming and Christines wedding card

Tweet My brother recently tied the knot with his lovely girlfriend. I made this picture for them as my little homage to them and their love.   I based it on a bunch of new and old photos of them, for some reason I mainly had photos of them making weird faces. But I think it turned out quite alright.

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