The Kray Twins

Illustration Kray Twins gangsters east london

Tweet This month there’s a new film about the 60’s East London Gangsters The Krays coming out. Im quite looking forward to watch it as it is an interesting story and an interesting time in London’s history.     Reading about the film reminded me of an Illustration I did of the Kray Twins a little while ago. The topic was London myths and stories and I chose the Krays as they seemed to fit that description perfectly; It is a real story but they have already become myths. They were... Read The Rest →

Blues single cover design

Kærleiksblus single cover design

Tweet Recently the musician Terji asked me to design a single cover for a new tune. Terji is a Blues musician with a twist! In his own words: “It’s not Chicago blues. It’s not Texas blues. It isn’t Piedmont blues, and it sure isn’t country blues either! It’s North Atlantic Sea Blues!” Terji have come together with fellow musician Jógvan Funding Madsen and multi artist Dennis Agerblad, all of them originally from the Faroe Islands, to make this blues single all about saying yes to Love and registered partnership. “ The... Read The Rest →

Interactive textbook for Children

IPad Music textbook

Tweet Designing in iBooks Author. Over the last year I have been working on an interactive textbook for iPad; Anna’s Animal Music. The book is teaching children all about classical music by examining 8 pieces of classical music based on animals, and telling the story about the piece, the composer and the animal related to the piece. This was a bit of a mammoth project for me, but a very fun one at that, as I got to use both my design and illustration skills and to mix it all... Read The Rest →

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