Bonjour from Paris

Recently I went to Paris for the first time and I did as you are supposed to: fell in love!

It is such a beautiful city. To me now, Paris is art, elegant ladies, red lips, impressive buildings, beautiful views. And Food, Food, Food and Wine!!

Eiffel tower in Paris

We did all the touristy stuff, but the best thing was all the lovely food and wine we managed to consume over a long weekend.

A bite in france- Snails and wine


Josh even tried the specialty that is Pig’s feet.

I am happy to say I skipped that one.

Pigs Feet dish in france


Aside from the art in the galleries there is also a lot of great stuff on the streets:



Drain Skeletons

I like these black and white pasted illustrations- they seemed to be everywhere, little lovers holding hands and kissing.

They are by the artist  Fred de Chevalier

Kissers Street art

Pasted art lovers


Fred de Chevalier

Kissers street art

I am definitely going back there!

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