Blues single cover design

Recently the musician Terji asked me to design a single cover for a new tune.

Terji is a Blues musician with a twist! In his own words:

“It’s not Chicago blues. It’s not Texas blues. It isn’t Piedmont blues, and it sure isn’t country blues either! It’s North Atlantic Sea Blues!”

Terji have come together with fellow musician Jógvan Funding Madsen and multi artist Dennis Agerblad, all of them originally from the Faroe Islands, to make this blues single all about saying yes to Love and registered partnership.Kærleiksblus single cover design

“ The Faroese LGBT community uses the slogan: Say Yes to Love” and they are fighting for homosexual people to have the same rights as everyone else, including registered partnership and marriage, which they dont have at the moment on the Faroe Islands, and that is what I wrote my blues about” says Terji.

So this is a happy and positive blues tune and I had lots of fun doing the illustration and design for it.

yeah Man Drawingyeah man drawingyeah Man drawing

You can hear the song here:


or here:

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